Controller Will Be Able to Monitor Hundreds of Zones

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SISE designed the MV3 controllers for a variety of markets and with five platforms and three power card options.

SISE Plastics Control Systems, Inc. has a new generation of multizone controllers (MV3), which will be able to control up to 336 zones. It comes in five platforms (XS, S, M, L and XL) with three available power cards (2.5A, 15A and 30A) that are adaptable to a variety of markets, including the packaging, automotive, cosmetics, medical and technical-parts industries.

The SISE designed the controllers with 10" and 15" displays that use a Linux-based software. SISE says that the controller has easily accessible power and thermocouple cards on removable pivoting shelves. The new generation functions include four soft starts, zone grouping, PTI function for thermocouple anomalies, Moldscan for real-time hot runner diagnostics, and material leak detection. The system is programmed with options for 11 languages and offers unlimited mold file memory. The MV3 offers communication with IMM’s and can save and monitor production temperatures, adhering to the Industry 4.0 strategy that accompanies new intelligent installations.


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