7/1/2011 | 2 MINUTE READ

Control Software

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Hurco (Indianapolis, IN) has released WinMax8TM, the most substantial upgrade to its WinMax® control software since it was introduced in 2006. It includes a number of advancements to existing features that make them more robust and a number of new features that will prove revolutionary to the industry, which resulted in four patent awards, the company reports.

UltiMotion’s 3-D compensation of machine squareness (perpendicularity), compensation of the mechanical system dynamics, and advanced motion control improve the system accuracy. Hurco’s unique acceleration and vibration control system reduces vibration and results in smoother motion without sacrificing speed, which means better surface quality and longer machine life, according to the company.

UltiMotion’s rapid cornering capability allows the spindle to travel through corners at high speed with negligible deviation without overshooting or stopping. This is especially beneficial in reducing cycle time when machining parts with many repetitive tasks, such as drilling or tapping. For rigid tapping, UltiMotion deploys a coordinated motion control mechanism that monitors the spindle angle at all times and controls the axes to follow the spindle position. It also has the flexibility to choose higher speed/rpm to retract the tap tool of out the hole, which results in better tap performance in less time.

UltiMotion also includes a proprietary dynamic variable look-ahead mechanism. Unlike traditional look-ahead, it doesn’t require a fixed number of blocks. Instead, the control evaluates the geometry and motion profile and makes sure there is enough look-ahead information to make optimized maneuvers. The patented look-ahead mechanism is another reason why better surface quality can be obtained in a shorter period of time, according to Hurco’s Volovic. Additionally, UltiMotion is available for both conversational and G-code programs.

Other new features include UltiMonitor, Absolute Tool Length, and Tool Change Optimization. UltiMonitor combines networking/internet with Extended Shop Floor, which is a machine monitoring, communications, and diagnostics feature. Absolute Tool Length makes the tool setup and part setup independent from each other, which means the tool information only needs to be entered once for that tool and can be used on other Hurco machining centers. Tool Change Optimization analyzes the part program and automatically reduces the number of tool changes by rearranging the program for optimal efficiency.

While Hurco is known for its conversational programming, the WinMax8 upgrade includes multiple enhancements to the NC side of the control, such as Tool Review for NC, probing offsets that take full advantage of the 99 work offsets available, and NC Cutter Compensation with Work Plane Transformation.



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