7/8/2010 | 5 MINUTE READ

Comprehensive Precision Tooling Line

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BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. will be making machining more reliable, accurate, and robust for its customers by showcasing a comprehensive line of new boring heads and tooling products at IMTS 2010.


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BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. will be making machining more reliable, accurate, and robust for its customers by showcasing a comprehensive line of new boring heads and tooling products at IMTS 2010.


BIG Kaiser’s expanded line of Kaiser boring solutions delivers on a 60+ year promise of maintaining the highest level of quality.


The Kaiser EWN 2-54D Digital precision fine boring head for the diameter range of .078”-2.125” supports spindle speeds up to 20,000 RPM. The boring head features an integrated LCD display with one-button operation and .00005”/Ø resolution. A single button activates the LCD display with a power management system for optimized battery life and sealed construction guarantees the electronic components are not damaged due to coolant or contamination. This head is compatible with all existing Kaiser accessories including shanks, boring bars, and insert holders.


The Kaiser SW series of versatile, exceptionally rigid twin cutter rough boring heads are for the diameter range of .787”-8.000”. These corrosion resistant boring heads are capable of balanced or stepped cutting operations without the need to change components or use mechanical systems to adjust insert height. The tools feature standard carbide inserts and coolant-through direct to the cutting edge to improve chip evacuation and lengthen tool life.


Kaiser’s new large diameter 318 series is a complete tooling system optimized for twin cutter rough boring, precision finish boring, and precision OD turning operations for the diameter range of 7.87”-24.41”. The system supports high spindle speeds up to 6,600 SFM due to an absolutely safe and secure assembly of lightweight aluminum components, is coated for wear and corrosion resistance, provides for high pressure coolant through the tools and is sealed for all diameters and lengths.


The EWN04-7 series from Kaiser features the world’s smallest precision finish boring head for use on micro milling machines with high speed spindles such as HSK-E25, E32 or E40. The head features a high precision adjustment accuracy of .0001”/Ø with a vernier scale, a diameter range of .016”-.276”, are available with Kaiser’s KA1 tool connection or Ø10mm straight shank, and can accept boring cutters with Ø4mm shanks.


BIG Kaiser ensures the ultimate in runout accuracy and dependability with the latest in BIG Daishowa tool holder technology.


The Mega ER Grip is BIG Daishowa’s newest high precision collet and tool holder system featuring runout accuracy of three microns (.00012”) at 5xD. The new system features ERC collets in accordance with DIN6499 and ISO15488 standards ensuring the best runout accuracy in the world and surpasses all other existing ER collets. An increased collet/body contact area improves rigidity and clamping force.. The Mega ER Grip system is available with BIG-PLUS® (CAT), HSK, and CAPTO® interfaces.


Another brand new high tool holder design from BIG Daishowa is being introduced, a high precision and high rigidity hydraulic chuck for clamping straight shank tools with diameters ¼”-1 ¼”. These hydraulic chucks have been pre-balanced to within 15 gr.mm for high speed operation up to 20,000 rpm, and feature runout accuracy guaranteed to less than three microns (.00012”) at 4xD. These chucks are available for BIG-PLUS® (CAT and BT), HSK, and CAPTO® interfaces.


The new BIG Daishowa complete line of HSK-T63 turning tools for mill-turn centers offers a modular program allowing user-specific configurations for optimum tool lengths, approach angles, or insert shape and geometry. The design includes a precision keyway for assuring repeatable accuracy and adheres to ISO standard 12164-3.


BIG Kaiser also now offers a selective line of BIG Daishowa HSK-A125 tooling systems in response to the popularity of HSK-A125 machines used for the machining of titanium aerospace components. These highly precise and rigid tools are available as milling chucks, shrink fit holders, shell and end-mill holders, and collet chucks.


Offline tool setup on Speroni Tool Presetters is advancing at a rapid pace dictated by the development and importance of the tool resource in the manufacturing environment.


The bench-top Magis tool presetter has undergone many recent upgrades since its North American debut at IMTS 2008. Now offered standard is the Magis 2.0 software package with new features such as integrated base post where there is no need for a second PC to operate the Post Processing software, a new data backup feature in case of a PC crash, and a new runout calculating feature.


New optional upgrades to the Magis include an integral mechanical clamping systems for ISO 40/50 tapers, new reduction sleeves with a focus notch for increased repeatability, and new optical carriers for left hand and large diameter cutters


The newly improved stand-alone Esperia tool presetter has undergone many design changes that will be first shown at IMTS 2010, including a new optic carrier, fast axis movement handles/controls, integral spindle, spindle disk brake, quick-change adapters, chip read/write feature, a new measuring ring for Angle Head measurement, custom optic carriers, and a 3D graphics display of tool drawings.


Additional Speroni software and control improvements will also be debuted such as Esperia Simple Vision, Edge, Edge+, and Edge Pro.


Three new chucks expand the applications for BIG Kaiser’s Unilock zero-point clamping system. The rectangular footprint of the ASM 105x65 is ideal as a support platform on 5-axis machines allowing clearance for the spindle to access five sides of a workpiece. This chuck is also useful as a gripper for robots when Unilock clamping knobs are used for pick-and-place applications. The new AFM 146 also provides 5-sided access, as well as a low profile. The Unilock NSA 125 chuck is designed for use in automation applications and offers cleaning and monitoring of the clamping process.


BIG Kaiser will introduce two expansions to the Sphinx line of solid carbide drills. The high performance Phoenix drill now offers coolant-through down to Ø1mm in the 6xD design. The drill features a Helica coating, a specially-designed flute and point geometry, and is ideal for cutting extra-hard materials. The popular Tricut drill reamer is now available as the Micro Tricut drill reamer, and features a diameter range of Ø.20mm-2.99mm at 5xD. The Micro Tricut provides hole tolerances in the H7 range, provides a very smooth surface finish close to reaming, and is perfect for short-chipping steels, cast iron and titanium. BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling is a leader in high precision tooling systems and solutions. With brands including Kaiser, BIG Daishowa, Speroni, Unilock, Sphinx, and more, BIG Kaiser’s line is focused on extreme accuracy and repeatability. BIG Kaiser’s mission is to support North American manufacturers with products that are designed and manufactured to a superior standard. Guaranteed.