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Compact VMC

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Vertical Center Nexus Compact

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The Mazak Vertical Center Nexus Compact debuted at the 2012 Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) show this year. The space-saving high-speed, five-axis vertical machining center was designed specifically to accurately and efficiently machine small, highly complex medical parts.

The Vertical Center Nexus Compact, which is available in three- and five- axis versions, meets and exceeds the medical industry’s growing demand for lean manufacturing through the use of small-footprint, high-speed machines that offer absolute precision when creating high-quality parts with superior surface finishes. Additionally, the machine’s new Mazatrol Matrix 2 CNC control and five-axis machining capabilities significantly shorten design-to-market time, allowing doctors to quickly fulfill the needs of their patients. 

The advanced Matrix 2 CNC control is featured on the five-axis machine model, while Mazak’s user-friendly Matrix Nexus CNC control is featured on the 3-axis model. The new Matrix 2 CNC control makes part programming simple and fast while also delivering increased machining speed and accuracy, as well as superior surface finishes often required in medical manufacturing.

The Vertical Center Nexus Compact gets its power and versatility from a robust, high torque 20 hp, 12,000-rpm CAT 40 spindle and axis travels of 19.69” (500.1 mm) in X, 15.75” (400 mm) in Y and 12.99” (330 mm) in Z. The machine delivers the aggressive performance required for tough materials, such as stainless steel, Inconel and titanium, used in medical and other manufacturing applications. An optional 40 hp, 20,000-rpm spindle is also available. 

With a 65” x 88” (1,651 mm x 2,235 mm) compact footprint, the Vertical Center Nexus Compact easily fits into most facilities, so shop owners don’t have to sacrifice valuable manufacturing floor real estate in order to achieve high levels of production. The machine’s table measures 25.6” x 15.7” (650.2 mm x 398.7 mm) and accommodates parts up to 661 lbs. (330 kg). 

The machine’s three linear axes attain high-speed rapid traverse rates of 1,417 ipm (36 m/min) and fast feedrates of 315 ipm (8 m/min). Plus, the Vertical Center Nexus Compact accommodates 20 tools in its tool magazine (30 tools optional) to further increase part production versatility. 

The Vertical Center Nexus Compact features Mazak’s MX Hybrid Roller Guide System to deliver levels of durability and reliability that result in long-term accuracy. The Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System dampens vibration to extend tool life, handles higher load capacities, accelerates and decelerates faster to shorten cycle times, consumes less oil for “Greener” operations, and lasts longer with less required maintenance.



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