3/8/2012 | 1 MINUTE READ

Compact Touch Probe

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Especially suited to tight access situations and small machining centers, the innovative OMP400 touch probe with optical signal transmission from Renishaw measures only 40 mm in diameter and 50 mm in length, combining miniaturization of the highly successful OMP40 probe with new advances in strain gage technology. Offering an unrivaled combination of size, accuracy, reliability and robustness, the OMP400 can bring the benefits of probing to many high accuracy applications, the company states. Using Renishaw’s exclusive strain gage technology, the OMP400 can achieve far greater levels of accuracy than possible from a standard mechanical probe, making it suitable for a range of applications where high precision measurement is a must.

The OMP400 offers particular advantages for machines with short Z-axis travel and spindles as small as HSK32. The probe’s diminutive size allows small machine users for the first time to benefit from the high accuracy of strain gage technology. The innovative probe allows operators of small machining centers to reduce set-up times, scrap and fixture costs, improve process control with high accuracy on-machine measurement, and realize "done in one" production efficiencies.

Strain gages allow the probe to trigger at much lower and highly consistent contact forces, resulting in less bending of the stylus and negligible pre-travel for greater accuracy. First seen on the MP700 spindle-probe, strain gage technology is unique to Renishaw and delivers superior probe repeatability, the company reports.



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