Compact Hydraulic Cylinder Enables Reduced Pitch

The newly released S Series Cylinder by HRSflow enables a minimum nozzle pitch of 37 mm and is suitable for technical materials.


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S Series Cylinders by HRSflow.

Basic version (left), adjustable version (right). Photo Credit: HRSflow

The S Series Cylinder by HRSflow for hot runner systems is a compact solution that enables reduced pitch and is suitable for technical materials.

With its compact shape, lowering plate thickness is now possible. A reduced width further enables a minimum nozzle pitch of 37 mm (1.46 in.). HRSflow offers two layout versions: The basic version offers a cutout height of 65 mm (2.56 in.), and the adjustable version, with a needle position that can be adjusted ± 1 mm, offers a cutout height of 73 mm (2.87 in.).

The S Series Cylinder is said to be suitable for the production of technical and electronic parts and consumer goods, as well as for small shot weights and multi-cavity applications. Further, the component enables the production of small automotive parts—exterior automotive emblems, small interior switches, etc.—which require high accuracy.

Available for both hydraulic (max 80 bar/1160 psi) and pneumatic systems (max 25 bar/218 psi), HRSflow adds that it can work in extreme conditions. Moreover, the pin is equipped with an anti-rotation solution for a high-quality result.

Fixed on manifold, easy maintenance of the cooling line is possible.