Collaboration Features Power of Machining, Molds and Robotics

The Boy Machines booth at NPE2018 features a machine from Boy Machines, molds from M.R. Mold & Engineering, a mold base and sprue bushings from PCS Company and a take-out robot from Yushin America. The collaboration produces a bottle opener.
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Boy runs it's 35E VV 38.5-Ton machine in booth W2503 at NPE2018. This particular machine has a vertical clamp and vertical injection unit. The injection and clamping units are arranged vertically by a 90-degree rotation. The lower platen is fixed, eliminating the shifting of the inserted part during the mold closing process.

M.R. Mold & Engineering, a maker of liquid silicone injection molds, runs its single-cavity PLASTIC over-molded bottle opener. The opener features an A series standard PCS mold base with PCS’s mini hot sprue bushing. M.R. Mold manufactured the core and cavity inserts and laser engraved all participating company logos into the cavity using its Alliance Fiber Laser Engraver.

PCS Company is proud to partner with M.R. Mold and Boy Machines in booth W2503. PCS says it is excited to share its high-quality mold base and hot runner sprue bushing. The sprue bushing assembly is optimal for molding small parts while leaving minimal gate vestige.

This cell demonstrates an insert molding application featuring the Yushin 5VR-C50 take-out robot, specifically designed for vertical molding machines. This robot is designed with a two-stage arm, making the robot compact and enabling it to operate in tight work envelopes. The 5VR-C50 picks an insert from a magazine, enters the mold to remove the over-molded part and places a new insert into the mold.