CNC Learning Labs; imX

Affordable CNC; Booth #1822, #2722

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FANUC's (Rochester Hills, MI) learning lab "How to Get Performance, Reliability and Innovation in an Affordable CNC" will demonstrate on a FANUC 0i-D CNC the 200 high-value features in a straightforward, easy-to-use package. This learning lab will highlight must-have CNC features. The "Bridging the Integration Gap" learning lab will demonstrate how FANUC’s Open CNC design enables the use of fully integrated third party solutions. Our open communication technologies will allow end users to attach and number productivity solutions to the FANUC CNC. In this learning lab, the company will demonstrate this open connectivity by highlighting a fully integrated Balluff Tool ID RFID application.  At the "Achieve Smooth, Fast and Accurate Machining" learning lab, the latest advanced control features for high speed machining and single step processing of critical parts will be covered.