CNC Interface, Workholding System Integrate Automation

VersaBuilt, with Universal Robots, showcases the CNC Communication URCap interface and MultiGrip workholding system for collaborative robot integration.


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VersaBuilt, with Universal Robots, offers two products for collaborative robot and CNC integration: the CNC Communication URCap interface and MultiGrip workholding system. The CNC Communication URCap is an interface for machine tending applications, handling simpler integration and operation. It supports UR cobots executing any machining program stored on the CNC directly through the cobot’s own teach pendant. Initially launching for Haas CNC machines, the interface maintains all Haas safety interlock features and works with Haas, VersaBuilt and other third-party automatic door openers.

The MultiGrip workholding system includes an automatic vise, machinable jaws and an end-of-arm tool for the UR robot. The system enables the robot and the CNC to share a set of MultiGrip machinable jaws for in feed, out feed and CNC machining, resulting in reduced engineering costs, easier robot programming, faster setup time, and enhanced processing capabilities.