Cloud Enables Users to Store and Manage Data on Thousands of Tools

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TDM Cloud Line from TDM Systems enables users to test alternative tools during the design process so they can choose the best tool for each project.

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TDM Systems, a subsidiary of Sandvik Machining Solutions, has announced the introduction of a cloud-based solution for tool data management—TDM Cloud Line—a solution that TDM Systems says enables manufacturers to easily access tool data wherever, whenever. The official launch is scheduled for December 1, 2017.

TDM Cloud Line is based on TDM 2017 Global Line, the data management solution that TDM Systems launched earlier in 2017. The company says that the key advantage of TDM Cloud Line is that users can download and manage data from thousands of tools without having to purchase them. It can test alternative tools during the product design process and select the optimum tool for the specific design. Data from the TDM cloud is available anywhere and is ready for immediate usage in the virtual cutting process.

TDM System says that the TDM Cloud Line offers easy set-up of a shop’s tool database. It has prepared, tested and comprehensive tool data for immediate use, provisioning of correct CAM data, manufacturer-independent tool assembly, statistical evaluation and a clearly structured and individually configurable user interface.


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