Clamp and Go Magnetic Clamping Systems for Injection Molding

HILMA Division of Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg.

HILMA Division of Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.’s (Ellisville, MO) new M-TECS Clamp and Go magnetic clamping system provides a ready to mount solution for quick, two-second clamping on injection molding machines. The magnetic plates come with precut mounting holes compatible with both SPI and EuroMap standards. Competitively priced, the clamping system comes in three sizes, for up to 200 ton injection mold machines, and offer numerous safety features.

The M-TECS Clamp and Go system utilizes permanent magnets to clamp the mold providing a very safe and effective means of mold retention. The magnetic forces are directed either out into the mold base (approximately 3/4") during clamped conditions or back into the magnetic plate during unclamped conditions. This is achieved by applying electrical power from the controller to the Alnico magnets for approximately 2 seconds causing a change in polarity. This polarity change redirects the magnetic flux lines of both Alnico and the Neodymium magnets. The integrated electronic control panel monitors the current needed to assure safe clamping, thus providing the highest degree of holding force. It also monitors plate temperature, mold position prior to clamping, mold movement while clamped, and protects the internal plate wiring from accidental overheating as a result of over cycling.

The M-TECS technology provides convenience and an unprecedented level of safety for both operators and equipment.