CBN Grade for Hardened Steel

CBN grade BN2000

Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc. is continuously pushing the envelope in productivity for hardened steel applications with its leading CBN technology. Sumitomo’s most recent hardened steel turning advancement, the uncoated CBN grade BN2000, is no exception.

Specifically designed for turning die steels and bearing steels with hardnesses of 50 HRc and above, the BN2000 provides high wear resistance and robust toughness. The BN2000 boasts a newly developed CBN substrate consisting of a ceramic binder with exceptional purity. While impure binders contribute to premature chipping and cutting edge wear, the purity of the BN2000 significantly reduces tool failure.

The BN2000 excels in both continuous to medium interrupted hardened steel finishing applications. This wide application range makes the BN2000 suitable for even small bores that may require lower SFMs—speeds conventional CBN cannot match. Along with its exceptional tool life, the improved edge sharpness of the BN2000 offers customers consistent parts with the capability of attaining surface finishes as low as 3.2 Ra.