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Carbide tools information system

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New product videos and new-generation catalogs from IMCO Carbide Tool (Perrysburg, OH) are available. This comprehensive information system includes the use of social media for video tool demonstrations, sharing tool tips and technical support and QR codes on literature for time-starved smart phone users.

The company also developed a new “smart” coding system. With tens of thousands of products, IMCO’s new EZ-ID coding system makes ordering easier and cuts significant time.

Its its traditional catalogs have been revamped to save time and space and all marketing materials are downloadable online. New stand-alone catalogs will be available for the company’s new enDURO® M5 Series end mills, the highly acclaimed POW•R•FEED® tools including a second-generation version, M7 Omega Series end mills, Drills and Reamers, Burs/Routers/Die-Trimmers and IMCO’s hard-working Everyday Advantage general-purpose end mills.