CAM Demo Gives Mold Builders Process Improvement Ideas

Open Mind used its new hyperCAD-S software in a "shoe" to demonstrate an achievable high quality surface finish.

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Open Mind used a unique demo part machined by Hermle to grab attention and get attendees to ask how it applies to moldmaking. Open Mind had scanned a women's shoe and then used its new hyperCAD-S software to clean up the mesh model. The machining demonstrated a high-quality surface finish, which is important to molds. In this case, it is even more dramatic, because the part was made from soft material (aluminum) and had thin walls. This application was designed to give moldmakers ideas for process improvement.

In its booth at the show, Open Mind presented HyperMill 2015.1, a CAM software that covers 2.5D through five-axis milling and drilling, and turn-milling. The CAM software integrates into the company’s HyperCAD-S front-end program with dedicated CAD for CAM functions, and also with SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor CAD software. Each of these platforms can read industry-standard, neutral file formats and many popular native CAD formats. According to Open Mind, the integrated solutions allow users to run CAD and CAM concurrently, which eliminates data conversion issues and facilitates programming efficiency.

Machining topics include feature recognition on native and imported models, macro database to store best practices, high-performance roughing ranging from 2.5- to five-axis, and an array of multi-axis and five-axis techniques.  Collision detection and collision avoidance are said to simplify the programming task and provide high-quality tool paths. Postprocessors enable standard and advanced machine control functions.