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amerimold Booth # 658; CAM-TOOL V7.1

Graphic Products North America Inc. (Windsor, Ontario) will soon be releasing the latest version of its EliteCAM-TOOL Version 7.1.  CAM-TOOL V7.1 is a full version release improving and adding to the Version 6.1 released in June of 2010.

Previously CAM-TOOL was actually a 32 Bit Software and used the 64 Bit capability of the computer to more efficiently Calculate and Optimize Tool Paths. Now in V7.1 a fully supported 64 Bit Version will be available. This will allow a more efficient day to day handling of larger and more complex model files. In addition it will more effectively handle files that include information that was derived from STL.

A New (Optional) Profile has been created that will allow on machine measurement for inspection results before the block is removed from the machine. This is available for Makino users.

In a continuous attempt to maintain a safe and effective Holder and Shank Collision Detection System a “Safety Distance” Option has been added to the Optimization process.

An often requested capability involves the ability to output a continually “Spiraling” Tool Path to be used on certain types of geometry. Z-Level Finish now has a “Spiral” switch that will allow us to create this output. In addition for the 5 Axis Simultaneous users this same Spiral capability will be added to Z-Level Finishing Undercut.

 For all of the Polygon Tool Paths there has been a restriction controlling the minimum step over and step down which made to difficult use that very effective Tool Path Set when machining smaller parts using. In V7.1 the restriction has been removed so the users will now be able to use these tool paths in more situations.

With the release of Version 7.1 there are many more changes and improvements too numerous to list here. As usual there will also be some General Improvements and Fixes to known issues that will be described in the HELP Update note.

A note for SolidWorks users: Stay tuned for the upcoming release of CG CAM-TOOL for SolidWorks in the very near future.



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