CAD/CAM Software

CAM-TOOL Version 6.2

CGS North America, Inc. (Windsor, Ontario) has released the latest version of its Elite CAD/CAM Software CAM-TOOL Version 6.2—a mid-version release improving and adding to the Version 6.1 released in June of 2010.

Relating to the existing users requests a new Interface Window named EZ-Launcher has been added to expedite the training of new users and to also make experienced users more efficient. Based on a Template System created by the user or with the HELP of GPNA you are only a few steps and a couple minutes of having NC Profiles created and on their way for calculation.
With the release of Version 6.2 there will be some general improvements and fixes to known issues. For the five-axis users there is a new optional “Machine Simulation” module used to check for any interferences of machine, tool or holder etc during rotation. The new tooling database is loaded with catalog information from Japanese tooling companies and has been upgraded to allow it to be stored across the network—which means all users are on the same page.
For Makino EDM Users the electrode extraction option has added the capability to output EPX for Makino’s EDCAM. Anyone doing 2-D machining will be happy to see an improvement in the 2.5 Structure 2.5D machining with an ability to merge the roughing toolpaths.