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Kubotek USA will show KeyMarkUp CAD Viewer to its family of CAD software products. KeyMarkUp views and marks up over two dozen CAD file formats. With the addition of markup capabilities, more supported file types, exporting and mold and die modules, and a simplified interface, KeyMarkUp provides superior functionality and value to those who want to view and communicate CAD data.  
KeyMarkUp CAD Viewer gives engineers a very powerful method to measure, analyze, annotate, print and export CAD data for better communication, collaboration and more accurate quoting, the company states. A dynamic selection tool, for instance, allows users to easily create simple cross sections of complex parts or assemblies to complete difficult measurements or geometry checks. Multiple dimensioning, measuring and mass property features and calculating tools, as well as mold design tools, simplify quoting and estimating.
The optional mold and die module increases moldmakers’ productivity by enabling them to use several mold specific features to better analyze models to locate problems or to prepare more accurate quotations.  KeyMarkUp mold tools include draft angle analysis, thickness analysis, shrinkage calculation, static interference check and calculation of projected surfaces.
KeyMarkUp can quickly open very large assembly files and nearly all of the most popular 2D and 3D CAD formats including CATIA V4 & CATIA V5 (2D and 3D) , Pro/Engineer & Creo (2D & 3D) , JT Open, I-DEAS, 3D XML, VDA-FS, SolidWorks (2D & 3D), Siemens PLM NX.  In all, 32 viewing formats are available today, and yet no CAD experience is necessary to navigate the intuitive, simple interface of KeyMarkUp. This ease-of-use makes KeyMarkUp a CAD viewer that can be easily deployed throughout any organization.
KeyMarkUp can also export various file types, including 3D PDF, STEP, IGES, DXF, DWG, JPEG, STL and 15 additional file formats. Simple screen captures of annotated views enhance communication options. These full export and screen capture capabilities will enhance communications options, customer proposals, web and marketing content.
Kubotek will be at amerimold 2013 in Booth 418. Register today!