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New multiphysics simulation product: KeyCreator Analysis.

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Kubotek USA highlighted its new multiphysics simulation product: KeyCreator Analysis. KeyCreator Analysis is powered by Sefea, a new technology with unique algorithms that makes analysis easier to prepare and generates results faster while achieving very high levels of accuracy. KeyCreator Analysis is combined with Kubotek KeyCreator direct modeling software enabling ease of model preparation and editing.

KeyCreator Analysis uses technology to determine the optimum mesh size and density of a simulation calculation. This auto-meshing works great in solving the majority of simulations that a designer would typically calculate in order to optimize their initial design.

Sefea technology speeds analysis time due to several reasons, including internal processing of analysis equations and the use of a less-dense mesh and lower memory requirements. This smart FEA technology combined with simple tree-driven menus embedded into KeyCreator now makes it possible for designers with basic knowledge of FEA to get complete and accurate results. The coupling of Sefea within KeyCreator Analysis means engineers can truly use a tool designed to allow multiple design iterations and receive simulation results in minutes—not hours or days. Combining world-class analysis power with direct modeling gives users an easy way to prepare models for simulation and then edit them, if need be, following the results of the simulation.