Bridge-Type VMC

LP Series

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Yama Seiki Bridge-Type LP series VMC features a high speed, high torque 8,000 RPM built-in motorized spindle; and is designed to provide cutting flexibility for various working condition. The X-axis is supported with two linear guide ways and two box ways which provide high rigidity structure, the company states. The Y-axis is supported with two linear guide ways and the Z-axis is supported with two box ways to enhance the movement and precision. The X-axis ball screw is placed in the center of the axial movement to provide high precision axial feeding features—and to avoid movement yawing problem and guide ways’ uneven wear-out. The ball screw vibration absorber reduces the vibration and increase the accuracy.

The LP series can be equipped with the AWEA-manufactured, 8,000 RPM built-in spindle which provides maximum of 440 ft-lb torque output at 350 RPM. The built-in motor design reduces centrifugal force effect and restrains spindle vibration. It can successfully increase the spindle life span and improve the machining accuracy. The floating type hydraulic tool release device can eliminated pressure on the spindle bearing.

The machine is available in various sizes. The X-axis is available from 98.4" to 275.6"; the Y-axis travel is from 62.9" to 157.5"; the Z-axis travel is from 92.9" to 55.1". The maximum table load capacity is from 17,600 to 44,000 pounds.

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