Ballnose End Mills for Ceramic, Carbide Inserts

amerimold Booth #523; Excelerator

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Greenleaf Corp.’s (Saegertown, PA) Excelerator ballnose end mills use both ceramic and carbide inserts in the same qualified cutter bodies to increase performance, tool life and cutting action across a spectrum of materials; and will be seen at amerimold.

The insert geometry prevents excess tool pressure at high metal removal rates, and its strong edges shear material without smearing, the company says. The WG-600 ceramic and G-925 carbide inserts are designed to maximize tool life when machining a variety of difficult materials, including nickel- and cobalt-based superalloys, hard steels, soft steels, stainless steels, titanium and more. The cutter line is available in standard and extended lengths.



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