Automated Sharpening—Darex LLC, Booth 139


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Darex, LLC will introduce its XT-3000 Auto Sharpener. This new sharpener automates the drill sharpening function of the already versatile XT-3000 sharpener, the company says. This will enable faster and more consistent sharpening of many types of drills. Darex says the XT is already a workhorse sharpener with capability to not only sharpen drills but also countersinks, brad points, left hand drills, and more. The new feature will allow the user to simply align the drill, push the start button, and allow the auto sharpening feature to regrind the bit to specs within ANSI standards. It has the capability to sharpen drills sized 3 to 21mm simply easily and quickly.

Darex will be at amerimold 2013 in Booth 139. Register today!