Automated Modular Pallet System


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Okuma America Corporation (Charlotte, NC) has introduced a new line of linear pallet systems to complement their expansive selection of horizontal machining centers.  Branded as AMPS (Automated Modular Pallet System), the new product line includes container (C) and magazine (M) product selections in a variety of sizes. 

The Okuma AMPS C (container) can be configured with up to 2 containers, 2 Okuma machining centers and 2 load stations, handling as many as 24 pallets.  The Okuma AMPS M (magazine) offers expandable capacity to 300 pallet locations, 10 machines and 4 work stations.

The advanced cell controller allows for unmanned operation and jobs can be buffered, ready to go to the machine regardless of operator availability.  Okuma’s control “wizard” interfaces simplify complex operations and aid the operator in set-up and programming of the system.  Control room views are color-coded to provide at-a-glance views of the cell’s status enabling the operator easy control of operations.

Sales and service of the new AMPS product line will be handled by Okuma’s extensive distributor network, ensuring the same premium service for AMPS as for the rest of Okuma’s CNC machine tool products.