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Automated Inventory Control Unit

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SupplyPod from Seco Tools makes stock management of small metalworking tools simple and efficient. According to the company, this automated inventory control device with reporting and order management capabilities offers big inventory control of small metalworking tools, such as inserts, drill bits, taps, fuses and small hand tools.
With dimensions of 22” H x 18” W x 14” D, the durable SupplyPod easily mounts to a desk, table, workbench or even a wall. Available in three standard configurations, the easy-to-use unit dispenses either 80, 96 or 44 individual part numbers.
Logging into the SupplyPod is simple via a touchscreen keypad, external keyboard, if attached, or badge reader. The unit manages item issuance and monitors tool usage with take/return, check-in/check-out and serialization functions. The SupplyPod can also force tool regrinds instead of dispensing new tools. Such capabilities help reduce tool spending by making employees more accountable for what they use.
The specially designed sloped compartments inside the unit make it easy for employees to take and return the most delicate of tooling and instruments. Plus, optional dividers help eliminate tool damage as well as expand capacity up to 228 compartments in a single SupplyPod.
Furthermore, the unit’s exclusive rapid refill feature ensures fast and accurate tool replenishment without any repackaging requirements, thereby improving efficiency and eliminating stock shortages, the company states. The SupplyPod also interfaces with modern ERP systems for continuously updating business environments.
Requiring only a power source and Internet connection, the SupplyPod is easy to implement into any work environment.
In addition to the SupplyPod, Seco has a full range of point-of-use product offerings, including the SmartDrawer, SupplyBay and SupplyLocker. The SmartDrawer is a point-of-use inventory management system that is larger than the SupplyPod. It is versatile and provides total control for single-item dispensing and returns.
Engineered for harsh environments, the SupplyBay is one of the most versatile,
industrial-grade vending systems on the market, the company states, capable of handling high-volume throughput and providing trouble-free dispensing of a wide range of tools and supplies. Designed for larger items, such as hand tools and pre-assembled cutters, the SupplyLocker manages takes and returns to and from the unit. The SupplyLocker works great as a standalone unit but also pairs with the SmartDrawer or SupplyBay for additional capabilities.

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