AST Technology Releases OnDemand v. 1.7.1

OnDemand version 1.7.1

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AST Technology has completed development of OnDemand version 1.7.1 and this updated version of the software, which works with AST’s CVe Monitor System to provide comprehensive reports of a mold’s activity, is available for download at:

OnDemand version 1.7.1 now provides the number of cycles, the activity percentage and the average cycle time run by a mold during the timeframe since the last report was generated. In other words, if a report of a mold’s activity is run now, and another report needs to be generated 10 hours from now, that latest report will show how many parts were molded, the cycle time and the activity percentage for the latest 10 hours of production.

This new feature provides users with the ability to create reports that will show any issues encountered in mold production due to a cycle change, for example, or performance issues due to poor mold  management during a particular shift.

OnDemand v. 1.7.1 will conveniently install over the user’s existing OnDemand software. It will not be necessary to re-enter passwords and previous data will not be impacted.

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