Anti-Drool Sprue Bar Device for Stack Molds

Anti-Drool Sprue Bar

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Melt Design, Inc. (MDI; St. Charles, IL) offers an Anti-Drool Sprue Bar device that is specially designed for use with stack molds. MDI’s new, patented shut-off device puts plastic drooling problems to rest and can be installed on new sprue bars or retrofitted to fit existing, non-functional ones. Other exclusive features include:

·         No internal springs or components to contaminate; guaranteed to function flawlessly.

·         Dual engagement surface action assures perfect alignment between the sprue bar and molding machine.

·         Anti-drool technology is located between the machine nozzle and sprue bar, which will keep molds running. No messy cleanups needed.

·         No material waste equals more cost savings.

·         This device can also be used on hot runner systems running on horizontal injection presses with vertical clamp.

·         Compact and easy to install.

The company was awarded a patent (US Patent # 7,775,789) for the device.