Anodizing/Nicket Plating for Aluminum Parts

Secondary finishing capabilities

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Quickparts®, a 3D Systems (Atlanta, GA) company, announced the release of additional secondary finishing capabilities through QuickCutCNC™. This rapid CNC machining service, launched by custom manufacturing leader Quickparts®, is now providing anodizing and electroless nickel plating as an option for parts CNC machined from either Aluminum 6061 or 7075.

These finishes are post machining processes that enhance the durability and strength of aluminum by adding an exterior coating to the final parts. Electroless nickel plating provides corrosion protection, wear resistance, solderability, and increased hardness. Anodizing also increases hardness and corrosion/abrasion resistance, while providing electrical insulation and the ability to dye the anodized parts a variety of colors. QuickCutCNC™ is currently offering the following colors for anodizing: Red, Gold, Green, Blue, Black, and Clear (Light Silver).  

“We are very excited to now offer anodizing and plating to our customers,” said Todd Hellman, Business Manager for QuickCutCNC™. “Along with our online interactive quotes and lead times of less than five days, these new finishing options greatly enhance our ability to meet the wide variety of project requirements we receive from our customers.”