Aluminum Mold Plates Feature Dimensional Stability; Booth 617

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K100-S aluminum-cast tooling plate, M-1 aluminum mold plate and the M-5 aluminum mold plate.

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Alpase, a division of TST, offers the K100-S aluminum-cast tooling plate, the M-1 aluminum mold plate and the M-5 aluminum mold plate.


The K100-S is a dimensionally stable aluminum plate with vacuum integrity combined with improved mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and Micro-Sheen finish, the company says. The plate features 12- to 15- percent elongation, and it can be nickel plated. The plate can also be painted on both sides. Applications include low-pressure molds for shoes, skis and other products.


The M-1 is a high-density, non-heat-treated aluminum plate that is said to offer both strength and dimensional stability. It is cast with uniform equiaxed-grain structure, which makes the properties uniform in all directions, the company says.


M-5 is designed for increased corrosion resistance and dimensional stability without stress relieving. 

Alpase will be at amerimold 2012 in Booth 617. Register today for a free exhibit hall pass and a $50 conference discount compliments of MoldMaking Technology.


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