Aluminum Mold Plate


Related Suppliers

Providing M-1 aluminum mold plate to mold builders for over 20 years, Alpase, Inc. (Downey, CA) now offers M-5 using standard 5000 series aluminum alloy.  According to Alpase, M-5 offers excellent corrosion resistance and high dimensional stability without stress relieving where lower mechanical properties are acceptable.  With a 5% reduction in weight, good polishing and anodizing capabilities, M-5 may be a good alternative for certain applications. M-5 aluminum mold plate provides very tight grain structure with every plate  ultrasonically inspected.  Machined top and bottom to reduce costly handling and machining steps, proven applications include injection molds, blow molds,  structural foam molds, vacuum forming tools, rubber molds, compression molds, heating and cooling plates and many others.