Alloy Has Consistent Microstructure for Surface Finishing

Ellwood Specialty Steel improved its P20 Modified alloy for better surface finishes.

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Ellwood Specialty Steel (ESS) is now stocking an improved P20 Modified alloy that the company says is tailored to the needs of the moldmaking industry for superior mold finishes. Ellwood recognizes that as demand grows for molds with mirror polishes and complex texture patterns, the capability of the mold steel becomes a critical factor for achieving perfect parts. Ellwood uses a refined chemistry to optimize internal properties in addition to its advanced steelmaking processes. Ellwood says that as a result, mold builders can use ESS P20 Modified for their toughest jobs. ESS P20 Modified alloy has consistent through hardness and microstructure, which enable successful surface finishing. Block sizes are available in thicknesses ranging to 25" and are cut in custom sizes for quick delivery.