Alarm System Detects Early Nozzle, Hot Runner Leaks

Plastixs offers the AIRTECT plastic leak alarm system that protects up to 32 nozzle, barrel and hot runner zones via a built-in pressure differential sensor.


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Plastix Plastic Leak Alarm System.

Photo Credit: Plastixs

Plastixs, a U.S. and Canadian distributor for AIRTECT, introduces the AIRTECT Plastic Leak Alarm System. Offered in a number of configurations depending on the application and how the injection molder operates, the system detects machine nozzle and hot runner leaks early.

A small amount of air moves through robust, 1.6-2-mm stainless steel tubes (2-3 psi, <0.01 cfm per tube) placed in the hot runner. A built-in pressure differential sensor sets off an alarm whenever airflow on any tube is blocked. A small length of high-temperature silicone tube can also be added to the stainless steel tube for increased sensitivity. Plastixs notes that this system enables the ability to perform mold repair and return the mold back to service within 1-2 days, eliminating the 2-5-week downtime that occurs when leaks go undetected.

Offered in modular and fixed manifold options, this system ensures nozzle, barrel and hot runner mold protection up to 32 zones (4-24 for modular systems), and includes mold temperature monitoring, programmable machine interlocks and ensures easy installation. Leak locations are displayed on LED or LCD clear text display. Modular options, offer quick-release manifold systems that attach onto the base system.

The range of plastic leak detection manifolds incorporates ‘point’ leak detection zones (used for the detection of plastic leaking at the nozzle gates) and ‘loop’ leak detection zones (used to detect plastic leaking at hot runner manifold locations) in one manifold. The system is available in three manifold sizes: 6 Point+1 Loop, 12 Point+2 Loops, 20 Point+2 Loops. Also available as stand-alone manifolds.