Affordable CAM Package


Geometric Limited (Scottsdale, AZ) has launched a CAM package at a surprisingly affordable price, to address the needs of the home machinist and the new users of 3D CAM software. This new and easy to use CAM package, CAMWorksXpress, is an ideal solution for programmers and machinists who are looking for an easy to learn and easy to use 2.5D machining CAM package which is powerful, yet inexpensive. 

CAMWorksXpress runs seamlessly inside SolidWorks, and provides the high powered features required for machining parts efficiently. Features that make CAMWorksXpress a better choice are:

·         Reduced learning curve with Seamless single window integration within SolidWorks

·         Reduced programming time with automation tools, such as feature based machining

·         Reduced rework since design changes in SolidWorks automatically updates toolpaths

·         Increased machining productivity with optimized toolpaths

·         Generating CNC code in a few clicks

·         Importing design models from most common file formats such as IGES, SAT, ACIS, etc.

·         Automatic recognition of features on native parts as well as imported part models

·         Library of  post processors for leading CNC Controllers

·         Unlimited upgrade path to CAMWorks – The 1st Gold partner CAM product on SolidWorks