10/11/2013 | 2 MINUTE READ

Advanced Tooling

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Toolholding innovation will take center stage in the REGO-FIX booth 1832 at WESTEC 2013. The company will present its new low-cost retrofit solution for the internal cooling of driven tools as well as showcase advanced tooling systems that bring precision, strength and ease of use to demanding part machining applications.

Show attendees seeking an affordable, low-maintenance solution for extending the tool life of their milling cutters and drills should check out REGO-FIX’s new reCool cooling system. reCool allows manufacturers to retrofit their driven tools to be able to benefit from internal or peripheral cooling, which is much more effective in getting coolant to the cutting edge when compared to spray pipes or nozzles, the company reports.

The advanced tooling systems that will be shown include the powRgrip toolholding collet system as well as the secuRgrip anti-pull system and slim-nose PG6 toolholder, which are both new options for powRgrip.

For added confidence when machining expensive, tough materials in high material-removal applications, REGO-FIX will demonstrate its secuRgrip anti-pullout system that locks in collets and cutters. This specially designed toolholder eliminates cutter slippage by providing tremendous gripping strength in conjunction with a patented locking key system and threaded cap. 

secuRgrip does not require the purchase of expensive specially modified endmills, but rather makes use of existing standard carbide or HSS endmill designs. The standard ground notches found on most Weldon-type endmills readily accept secuRgrip’s locking key insert for fast, easy assembly. 

The secuRgrip system is applicable for use with REGO-FIX PG 25 or PG 32 holders in all tapers, including CAT, BT, TC, HSK, CAPTO and dual contact REGO PLUS. Licensed by BIG Daishowa, REGO PLUS products are compatible with all BIG PLUS spindles.

WESTEC attendees working with high-precision applications should check out the PG6 toolholder, which has a run-out accuracy of less than three microns and easily accesses tight, difficult-to-reach features in small complex parts. As the smallest toolholder in the powRgrip product series, PG6 has a minimal outside diameter of 0.4” and a clamping diameter from 0.008" to 0.125". As a result, it provides less tool interference, machines tight pockets and delivers high levels of productivity, the company states.

New milling chucks designed to provide the least possible amount of run-out and highest possible gripping force available from a milling chuck also will be shown. Ideal for roughing and finishing, the milling chucks provide unbeatable concentricity of 0.0004" at 4 x diameter and can be reduced with sleeves for versatility to match the tool with the specific machining application at hand.

Helical internal slots and extra thick walls help ensure durability, long working lives and smooth clamping. Furthermore, the multi-seal design of the chucks helps keep dirt and debris out and seals the system for coolant through applications.

Milling chuck nuts seat positively against holder body bases to reduce the risk of over tightening and increase holder rigidity and stability. The roller bearing cages of the holders incorporate alternating patterns that distribute clamping forces evenly around cutting tools to ensure the best possible T.I.R. and system repeatability from clamp to clamp. Milling chucks work in CAT 40, CAT 50, BT-40 and HSK 63A spindles in sizes ranging from 0.75" to 1.25", while milling chuck sleeves accommodate tool diameters from 0.250" to 1.00".


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