Advanced Sequential Control Performance For Automotive Molding; Booth 431

SoftGate® hot runner valve pin velocity control.

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INCOE® Corporation is promoting the SoftGate® hot runner valve pin velocity control with notable success in automotive applications that require high quality finish and part-to-part consistency. Automotive design engineers are tasked with setting new trends in quality and part finish everyday. SoftGate® provides the performance value needed, and is easy to operate and maintain.

The SoftGate® valve pin velocity control technology resolves process challenges related to conventional hydraulic sequential molding. Poor flow characteristics leading to part inconsistency, flow hesitation lines, and blemish marks are reduced with SoftGate®. The gradual pin actuation, precisely timed as needed for optimized melt flow velocity to the mold cavity, provides a key process control advantage with repeatable molding results.

SoftGate® is used on the Direct-Flo™ Gold hydraulic valve gate system. The technology consists of a control module in the hydraulic unit and a velocity calibration unit. Combined, the molder can now have improved part appearance and structure with the ability to record the valve gate pin metering that produces the best melt delivery results. For added value, SoftGate® has been designed to retrofit onto existing INCOE® hydraulic valve gate systems. amerimold Booth # 431.

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