Advanced Materials for 3-D Printing

3-D Printing Materials

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Objet Geometries Ltd. (Rehovot, Israel) has released three advanced materials: an ABS-like Digital Material (RGD5160-DM), a clear transparent material (Objet VeroClear), and Objet VeroWhitePlus. With these new additions, the number of Objet 3-D printing materials is brought to a total of 65, including 51 composite materials (Digital Materials), for a wide range of rapid prototyping purposes, covering from realistic product visualization all the way to advanced functional verification.

The Objet ABS-like Digital Material is a high-impact (65-80J/m or 1.22-1.50 ft lb/in), high-temperature-resistant (65°C or 149°F and after thermal post treatment 90°C or 194°F) material ideal for manufacturers and engineers looking to functionally simulate products made of ABS-grade engineering plastics, including snap-fit parts, durable and movable parts and products requiring drop-testing.

The Objet Clear material provides clear optical and visual transparency combined with great dimensional stability enabling designers to simulate PMMA in glass-like applications such as lighting cases, lenses and cosmetics containers.

The Objet VeroWhitePlus is an all-around, general-purpose material that was recently released for Objet’s desktop family 3-D printers and is now available for the Objet Eden professional line of 3-D printers and the Objet Connex line of multi-material 3-D printers. The Objet VeroWhitePlus is ideal for fit and form testing for a wide range of industries and for validating model design.

VeroWhitePlus is available for the Objet Connex and the Objet Eden 3-D printing systems (availability initially limited to specific regions); Objet VeroClear is available for the Objet Connex and the Objet EdenV 3-D printing systems; and Objet ABS-like material (RGD5160-DM) is available for the Objet Connex500 multi-material 3-D printers. (For existing customers, operating this material requires the installation of an upgrade kit to the existing Objet 3-D printer).