Adjustable Toolholders

CTZ R-Zero

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NT Tool’s (Franklin, TN) CTZ R-Zero runout-adjustable toolholders for large diameter cutting tools. Utilizing NT Tool’s original four-point adjustment mechanism, runout at the tool tip can be easily adjusted to as little as 0 – 2µm on cutting tools with shank diameters from 25 – 42mm (or 1” – 1.5”).

Unlike competitors’ single-point adjustment mechanisms, NT Tool’s original four-point adjustment mechanism allows for quick and easy adjustment of cutting tool runout. By simply tightening the four adjustment screws, cutting tool runout at the tool tip can be reduced to 0 – 2µm regardless of the maximum runout location. 

CTZ R-Zero Toolholders are ideal for precision holemaking operations, especially large diameter reaming. The toolholders’ ability to minimize runout provides for excellent surface finish, improved cutting tool life and consistent hole diameters.

CTZ R-Zero Toolholders are available in CAT (standard and two-face contact), BT (standard and two-face contact), HSK, and UTS shank styles. Designed to complement NT Tool’s HDZ R-Zero Toolholder Series (for cutting tools ranging from 0.5mm – 22mm), they are offered in metric sizes of 25mm, 32mm and 42mm, and inch sizes of 1”, 1.25” and 1.5”, with MC collets for cutting tools of other sizes.