Adapter Toolholding System

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The EXSYS/EPPINGER PRECI-FLEX® Adapter System is continuously expanding to meet the toolholding needs of today’s manufacturers, and EXSYS Tool will feature two of the system’s latest innovate additions at WESTEC.

Type 02 extended adaptors within the PRECI-FLEX system feature extended collet chucks that allow tooling to be positioned closer into a machine spindle or chuck; because of their extended lengths, the adaptors eliminate any tool interference issues.

As part of the many different types of PRECI-FLEX adapters that adhere to the front face of the collet pocket, the Type 02 adaptors permit the use of smaller size collet diameters closer to those of the cutting tool to be used. This option provides more secure tool holding and the ability to clamp tooling at greater distances from the chuck, yet with the same rigidity as if using a standard toolholder.

The PRECIFLEX system with the development of the company’s new Shrink-Fit adapters deliver adapters deliver 100 percent clamping and connectivity around a tool’s entire shank diameter, while providing the holding power, rigidity and accuracy associated with shrink-fit tool holding.