Accessories Crafted to Improve In-Process Efficiency


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Big Kaiser announces ChipFans and T-slot covers, two accessories crafted to improve in-process efficiency by helping machines reach maximum levels of productivity, even during downtime.

ChipFans offer many benefits when it comes to mitigating production issues and providing visible results. Mounting securely in either a collet chuck or end mill holder, chip fans are designed to integrate seamlessly into current machining cycles. In-process cleaning is created without halting production. Chip fan cycles can be programmed to minimize spindle downtime and maximize operator efficiency. A pre-drilled hole enables spindles to shoot coolant through the center of the fan to rinse tables, fixtures and workpieces. Two cleaning operations in one happen as the fan rotates, removing the chips and coolant, making a safe and economical alternative that requires little to no operator interaction.

The T-slot cover tool accessory serves to optimize machine performance, minimize manual operations and keep things running smoothly. The protection plates are designed with productivity in mind, preventing chips and coolant from collecting in machining centers and interfering with work. The covers keep slots clear of debris when not in use. The T-slot covers are easy to remove as soon as the machine slots are ready to be used, enabling access to a clean fixturing surface and quick setup changes.