5/16/2007 | 1 MINUTE READ

AC Vertex

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GF AgieCharmilles’ revolutionary AC Vertex is the most accurate wire-cutting EDM in the world.

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GF AgieCharmilles’ revolutionary AC Vertex is the most accurate wire-cutting EDM in the world. The AC Vertex’s ultra-high precision makes the machine ideal for micro and nano machining, using wires of just .02 mm diameter and IPG-V’s eCut technology to achieve surface finishes down to 0.05 µm Ra in continuous operation. The AC Vertex is as productive as it is precise. Agieduo makes it possible to work with dual wire spools of different wire type, making it possible to switch between wires of different diameters automatically. Programmable via the machine control, the forward feed of the wires, just like the threading, takes place automatically and is monitored by patented sensors. The Vertex also boasts a table design that separates the X and Y-axes on a patented monobloc. A traveling table on the machine bed carries the work tank and moves the workpiece in the X direction exclusively. A second axis slide, also movable in the horizontal plane on the machine frame, accommodates the upper part of the C-frame and moves the wire in the Y direction. This configuration delivers ideal travels, positioning accuracy and taper cutting capability for machining complex, high precision parts. To simplify machine setup and increase uptime, GF AgieCharmilles incorporates the Agiesetup 3D probing system, which measures flatness and skew to automatically locate the workpiece in the work area. Capable of being programmed off-line and executed unattended, Agiesetup is 100% automatic and saves an average of 20 minutes per part when compared to traditional methods of workpiece set up. Additionally, the AC Vertex is equipped with Agievision, an intuitive control system developed specifically for wire cut EDM that enables flexible data input in accordance with workshop environment.