8/5/2011 | 1 MINUTE READ

50-Taper Spindle HMC

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OKK USA Corporation’s (Glendale Heights, IL )HM500S/50 Horizontal Machining Center allows for the heavy-duty cutting of small parts, as well as hard-to-cut materials. The release of this 50 taper version of the HM500S series (500mm table size, 19.68”) has allowed for an increased boring capacity of 250mm diameter (9.84”), and the cutting of tough materials such as titanium.

In addition, the HM500S/50 features the accuracy and rigidity that are the hallmark of OKK machinery. For enhanced precision, this machining center employs high-load roller guides and double anchored ball screws on all three axes (X, Y, Z). The HM500S/50 includes an innovative cooling design where circulation of cooling oil around the ball screws, ball screw supports housings and motor mounting surfaces prevents thermal displacement.  For reliability, the HM500S/50 is equipped with a single steel angle side shutter that protects the Z-axis slideway. An improvement over conventional 2 or 3-piece shutter systems that are prone to damage when swarf enters the gaps of the shutter, the HM500S/50 keeps swarf away from the shutter section and distributes it to troughs on either side of the bed.

Other industry-leading qualities of the HM500S/50 include superior spindle speeds, ranging from 35 to 12,000 rpm; X-axis travel of 630 (24.80”), Y-axis travel of 620 (24.41”), Z-axis travel of 710 (27.95”); a rapid traverse rate of 54m/min (2126”) and a 40/34 HP spindle motor.

The HM500S/50 is ideal for construction and automotive applications, including cast iron gearboxes and diesel engine coolant pump housings. Accepting a wide range of cutting tools, the HM500S/50 is suitable for a variety of other applications as well.

The HM500S/50 Horizontal Machining Center is on display, and available for test cuts, in OKK USA Corporation’s Glendale Heights showroom.



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