5-Axis VMC Provides Speed, Precision for Complex Mold Machining


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Makino showcased its D300 five-axis vertical machining center, designed specifically for complex, 3D contouring in die and mold applications. From roughing to finishing, the machine enables reduced setups and cycle times and improved accuracy, even in tough hard-milling processes, the company says.

The VMC features a rigid, thermally controlled, direct-drive rotary table that ensures positioning accuracy with high speed and acceleration. According to the company, this can reduce cycle times in complex, full-five-axis applications by as much as 60 percent. This machine’s axis configuration is said to eliminate deflection in the trunnion assembly during quick axis motion for greater accuracy than traditional five-axis configurations.

The D300 is equipped with a 15,000-rpm HSK-A63 spindle that offers 120 Nm of torque for flexible, high-speed machining of hard metals. Optional spindle configurations include a 20,000-rpm HSK-A63 spindle and a 30,000-rpm HSK-F63 spindle for high-quality finishes. The machine also features Makino’s Professional 5 Control and next-generation Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) software for high-feed-rate, tight-tolerance machining of complex, 3D-contoured shapes. These features are said to reduce cycle time by as much as 40 percent when compared to other control technologies.