3D Printing Material Combines Thermal Functionality, Dimensional Stability

RGD525, a high-temperature 3D printing material.

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RGD525, a high-temperature 3D printing material from Objet Ltd. and reseller Kameera Inc., is designed to simulate the thermal performance of engineering plastics and provide dimensional stability for static 3D models and prototypes. It is available for use on Objet’s Connex500 and Eden500V 3D printers and is expected to be available on additional platforms later this year.

The material has a heat-deflection temperature of 0.45 MPa at 149°F out of the printer and 176°F after a short oven-based, post-thermal treatment. Its temperature resistance makes it suitable for thermal testing of static parts such as hot airflow or hot water flow in taps and faucets. When jetted off the Connex printer, the material can be simultaneously printed with the company’s Tango family of rubber-like materials to simulate over-molded parts, such as airflow vents used in automotive, defense and household appliances.

According to the company, models created in RGD525 are more resilient in diverse environmental conditions, whether in transit or under strong exhibition lighting.