3-D Solid Modeling

3-D tools

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SpaceClaim (Concord, MA) develops 3-D tools that dramatically improve the

engineering process by removing bottlenecks surrounding CAD. SpaceClaim

Engineer, the world’s fastest growing 3-D direct modeler, brings 3-D solid modeling

to the moldmakers who work in a 3-D world, but who don’t have the time

to become experts in traditional feature-based CAD. SpaceClaim can help you

easily create and prepare geometry for molds. Quickly edit rounds, drafts, and

wall thickness on models from any CAD system, generate cores and cavities

using push-button volume extract tools, and easily lay out your flow path in

3-D or 2-D cross sections. SpaceClaim removes the CAD bottleneck, allowing

you to take on more business.