PODCAST: New Kids on the Block at 25 Years

Celebrating its 25-year anniversary, Pyramid Mold & Tool continue to build team, develop relationships, present solutions, implement lean and stay honest. Listen in as we get to the bottom of what makes this shop special during this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast.  


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“We are here to stay,” says Tony May, VP of Business Development for Pyramid Mold & Tool.

On this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, Christina Fuges of MoldMaking Technology speaks with Tony about the company’s “To help you, keep yours” mantra, and how it works as a strategy for combating the problem of confronting customers issues, while helping the Pyramid team maintain honesty and build relationships.

Pyramid builds high quality, highly complex tools and is committed to building long-lasting relationships through teamwork and participation.

Tune in to this quick 20-minute conversation to learn more. 

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