PODCAST: Mexico, Mantras and Project Management

This podcast episode was recorded onsite at our first Meximold event in Querétaro Mexico. We sat down with StackTeck’s General Sales Manager for Latin America and talked about the growing manufacturing base in Mexico, its similarities and differences with the U.S., Canada and Europe, and the opportunities and challenges this marketplace presents.


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My trip to Gardner Business Media’s inaugural Meximold trade show and conference gave me an opportunity to take the MoldMaking Technology/The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast international! 

Tony Demakis and I sat down with Natalia Ortega, Editor in Chief for Plastics Technology Mexico, and Christopher Day, General Sales Manager for the Latin America Region of StackTeck to discuss the growing manufacturing base in Mexico and the opportunities and challenges it brings to the table if you are open to it.

Here is just a sampling of the conversation:

  • It’s important to embrace change to be open-minded and to not judge a book by its cover, and that applies to manufacturing in Mexico.

  • Mexico has plenty of manufacturing action.

  • In 2000 StackTeck started supporting Mexican manufacturers with a sales office in Guadalajara Mexico and the services of StackTeck in Canada.

  • Bilingual project manager born in Mexico moved to Canada and how back in Mexico

  • We are the first contact to manufacturers doing business down here. We manage the project and coordinate service technicians.

  • Biggest challenge is finding trustworthy, skilled labor.

  • The culture of the manufacturing workforce in Mexico is much like the rest of the global: lack of skilled labor and a next-generation who is committed to work/life balance and flexibility.

  • Since 2000 operations setting up in Mexico are more sophisticated, have better quality control and improved efficiencies.

  • Opportunity for technology to be implemented in the moldmaking process.

  • ‘FastTrack’ compresses quoting, mold design and programming into 2-3 days instead of weeks for its packaging programs.

  • Automating part of its mold design business; front-end engineering innovation.

For the full 40 minutes, click below:

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