PODCAST: "Leading" Shops Give Away Secrets to Success

These two mold builders agree that getting your team involved in examining every aspect of your shop will help the business grow, and MoldMaking Technology’s annual Leadtime Leader Awards program did just that for X-Cell Tool & Mold and Maximum Mold Group.  


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On this episode of the Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, co-host Tony Demakis and I sat down with current Leadtime Leader winners Brian Dippel and Michael Novel of X-Cell Tool and Mold, as well as Charlie Kreitner of Maximum Mold Group, our 2018 Leadtime Leader Winner.



We chatted about how the process for applying for this annual industry award helps companies recognize every aspect of their businesses and the need for continuous improvement.

Our guests expressed the importance of working hard, having a clean shop, and getting tasks done correctly and on time.




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