PODCAST: Falling into Moldmaking and Falling in Love with its People and Possibilities

Listen in as I cohost another edition of The Manufacturing Alliance podcast that shares the story of an accidental move into mold manufacturing that turned into an exciting, fulfilling career educating customers about the value of data, and much more.


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There are technical people who need to keep doing technical work and then there are organizers who help push work through and keep the technical people moving with their projects. Lorena Fisher is that organizer.

Back to 1993 an accidental move into mold manufacturing propelled Lorena into an exciting, fulfilling career where she helps make customers lives better—through products that capture and analyze mold data.

Lorena started her career in accounting at a mold builder (funny story about Delta Mold she shares in our podcast) then moved through engineering, project management, quoting and sales at various manufacturers, including a mold builder, a die caster, a Tier one automotive supplier and a mold component supplier.  Basically, she worked through the supply chain and now sells solutions to customers in every link of that chain: moldmakers, molders and OEMs 

Today Lorena is an OEM sales manager for Progressive Components, working hard and playing hard for the past 10 years.  And she says selling is not about what she says, it’s about what others are doing, because the products and systems she sells work and speak for themselves, namely the CVe monitor. Lorena says she has never had a customer say, “Well, that is a stupid idea.” It’s all about implementation and communication.

Here are a few conversation tidbits:

  • Lorena relaxes and takes a nap at the dentist.
  • Has two boys, Leo and Alex (her little man)
  • Alex has autism, and Lorena is active in that community raising awareness and focusing on acceptance. She started an all abilities program.
    • Her and I bond about the ups and downs of having a special needs child and the wonderful world they’ve opened up for us. 
  • Her passion is her family. 
  • Grew up true Italian making sausage.
  • Proud of her relationships, professional development and her immigrant parents.
  • She is curious about technology like additive manufacturing.
  • Loves The Outfield and other 80s music.
  • Lastly, if animals could talk, Lorena thinks the rudest animal is ….

If you want to hear more, sit down, relax and listen to the full conversation:

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