PODCAST: Benefits and Challenges to Becoming a One Stop Shop

In this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, members from the Westfall Technik team sit down and talk about the company’s recent growth, including challenges they’ve faced and benefits they’ve gained.


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Westfall Technik has gone through quite a bit of a growth spurt recently, expanding their capabilities and services through acquisitions. In this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, some of the Westfall team sit down and talk about the transitions the company has had to go through, as well as the challenges they’ve faced and the benefits that have come from such growth.

Here are some highlights from their conversation:

  • The whole purpose of expanding Westfall has been to provide a service to the company’s clients throughout the entire product development continuum.
  • The company is trying to solidify its culture and reputation, and it’s constantly evolving as they work together.
  • It's important to streamline the message that is delivered to clients.
  • Joining a larger company is like the Brady Bunch: “Mom and Dad each had three kids and now you move into the same house. You can either stay on your own ends of the house and pretend like there's two families in one house, or you work on how you become one.”
  • The marketplace required a one stop shop, so that is what Westfall Technik is helping to provide.
  • The biggest challenge has been to get everybody operating for the benefit of the larger organization. “Every pilot that's flying one of those jets has earned his stripes. But without an air traffic controller, bad things happen. All becoming one is our biggest challenge.”
  • On automation: “We want the robots to do the jobs that we don't want the people to do.”
  • Partnerships aren’t all rainbows and sunshine where everyone’s holding hands all the time. They are all about understanding expectations, deliverables and holding oneself accountable for certain things. But when they sit at the table to do a project or talk business or talk strategy, everyone’s coming together to talk about the same thing.
  • On marketing, the company is in the process of revamping its website, literature and its message: “We connect plastic experts.”
  • These guys have a variety of opinions on just which animal is the rudest. Do your choices match up with theirs?

Listen to the whole conversation here: