Mixing It Up with Maximum Mold Group

Originally titled 'Mixing It Up with Maximum Mold Group'
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MoldMaking Technology and The Manufacturing Alliance caught up with Dave and Cindy LaGrow of Maximum Mold Group for some casual conversation about the family and company culture that has helped them earn this year’s Leadtime Leader Award title.


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Owners Dave and Cindy LaGrow share their journey in this MMT/Manufacturing Alliance podcast from a restaurant dream to a polishing company to multiple expansions to Maximum Mold Group—our 2018 Leadtime Leader Award winning shop!

Listen in as Dave and Cindy look back on how it all began to give you an inside look at the feelings and fun behind building a small mold polishing company into a group of three innovative manufacturing companies.

Topics include:

  • Starting small but thinking big
  • Polishing roots
  • The importance of appearance
  • Taking risk
  • Working with industry (Berrien Coalition)
  • Apprenticeships and training
  • Marketing the trade
  • The value of a journeyman’s card
  • Keeping on top of your finances/making friends with your banker
  • “Wall of Awesomeness”
  • Exhibiting in China and working with China 
  • Reaction to their Leadtime Leader win
  • Feedback on the process of the print and video feature 

Enjoy the show! And don’t forget to read their feature and video tour.

Then nominate your shop for our 2019 Leadtime Leader Awards.

Part 1

Part 2








  • Elite Mold & Engineering: Team Elite

    Being both a moldmaker and a molder allows Elite Mold to be a one-stop team for its customers and the MoldMaking Technology 2009 Leadtime Leader Honorable Mention Award: Small Shop.

  • Wentworth Mold: Blowing Away the Competition

    Niche marketing, a commitment to technology and short leadtimes equal success for this producer of blow molds-and earns them MoldMaking Technology magazine's 2004 Leadtime Leader award.

  • Triangle Tool: Product-to-Tool Service

    This Large Shop Leadtime Leader Winner penetrates new markets with complete product-to-tool service while investing in technology.