PODCAST: Listening and Understanding Leads to Success

On this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, Michael Rynerson past CEO of Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc. talks about listening to people, reading situations and understanding processes to achieve success with customers. 


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Join Christina Fuges and Tony Demakis as they talk with Michael Rynerson ​​​​​​, past CEO of Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc. on this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast. Xcentric’s injection molding services focus on rapid delivery of prototype and low-volume production components with expert precision and cutting-edge technology.

Here are just some of the main takeaways from this episode:

  • Mike loves to travel, and he likes to jump in with both feet wherever he is, whether it be in Europe, Asia or South America. He speaks German fluently, and knows a handful of French and Italian.
  • Extensive travel has taught Mike how to read people and situations, especially in new environments. “If you're not adaptive, you're not listening, and if you express yourself the exact same way you would in Ohio as you do in Russia, that's not going to work.”
  • How does improv comedy relate to sales?
  • Xcentric was founded by two brothers who were mold makers. Their father was a mold maker as well. One brother focused on the technology side while the other brother focused on sales and marketing, and they built a new organization around creating molds and doing the production molding extremely quickly.
  • If you don't have super smart, clever people working the system, it won't go anywhere. You have to have clever and passionate people that are really focusing on what the customer is saying.
  • What’s great about being located in Detroit is Xcentric has access to a huge ecosystem of machine manufacturers, service organizations, materials and mold making equipment.
  • Being diversified is key. Xcentric doesn’t have all its eggs in any one industry basket, and that gives them great flexibility. 
  • Mike’s background is in additive, and he helped develop 3D printing at MIT.
  • What's so exciting about additive today is that despite all the energy that's going into it, it's still tiny. But it’s growing and some great technology is coming out of it.
  • Listen to the customer, find out what they need. Adapt, grow and say yes and try to say yes as often as possible, but be mature enough to say no when needed.
  • Even though Xcentric has speedy services, instant quoting isn't everything. Their customers are looking for somebody they can trust, someone who understands their specific needs. 
  • Understanding the mold building cycle/process is so important. “If we're engaged earlier in the project, we have a much better chance of aligning ourselves for success.”
  • Listen to change the world.
  • What animal does Mike think is the rudest?

Listen to the full episode here to find out more: