Breaking Down the Brand Barrier

A podcast about a podcast? Yep. MoldMaking Technology and The Manufacturing Alliance are guests on the Kula Partners marketing podcast sharing how they use stories and personal connections to break down the brand barrier.
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Being a guest on the Kula Ring, a podcast made for manufacturing marketers with Carman Pirie and Jeff White, gave me and Manufacturing Alliance host Tony Demakis a chance to talk about the joint podcasts we have been doing for a year now.

If you are not yet familiar with podcasts, or more specifically The Manufacturing Alliance podcast, take listen today. A podcast is just another way we are reaching out to industry to get to know them on a deeper level and to help share their stories in a different way. Through our podcast we are using stories and personal connections to break down the brand barrier.

A snapshot of the Kula Ring conversation is below. You can listen to the full Kula Ring podcast by clicking here. Then check out the MoldMaking Technology/Manufacturing Alliance podcasts by clicking here.

Transcript Snippet:

Jeff White: Joining us today we have Christina Fuges with Gardner Business Media. Christina you are the editorial director at MoldMaking Technology and as well as other trade publications.

Christina Fuges: Absolutely, yes I am, thank you for having me. I am excited to talk about our podcast specifically because of the type of focus and format that Tony created with the Manufacturing Alliance podcast, it’s very much in sync with our community of the MoldMaking brand. So I’m thrilled to give it some exposure and to share it with others who might want to join us or do something similar.

Jeff White: Wonderful. And the Tony you’re speaking of is Tony Demakis, Sales and Marketing specialist at Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales and also the initial founder of the Manufacturing Alliance Podcast. Welcome to the program, Tony.

Tony Demakis: Thank you guys. Good morning. We’re happy to be here and just share our story a little bit. So first, let me say, that you guys do a great job and I don’t want to take over that all because I say the same thing.

Carman Pirie: Look, this is like a podcast about podcasts. It reminds me the old days of blogging where every blog post was about blogging.

Tony Demakis: Yes.

Jeff White: Yes, no.

Christina Fuges: Sure.

Jeff White: You had to talk about all your friends who blogged as well.

Carman Pirie: Yes, indeed.

Jeff White: ‘Cause there were only a few of you.

Tony Demakis: That’s just natural growth. You have to do that.

Christina Fuges: And we’re all in this together, right Tony?

Tony Demakis: That’s it! That’s it.

Click here for the full podcast.